Street Team Member

I'm always looking for great Street Team Members. If you're wondering what a Street Team Member is it's my inner circle of readers who have become my friends. They read my books before they're released and leave reviews within days of the books launch, share about my new releases on social media, share about contests I have going on, my giveaways, blog visits, and help get the word out about all my books. What am I looking for in a Street Team Member? I'm looking for someone who loves my books, will leave a positive review if they like it (if not you don't have to leave a review), someone who wants to tell everyone about my stories and is super enthusiastic about them! And for helping me out you get free advanced copies of my new releases. You become part of my Street Team FB page. As part of my STFB page you get to be the first to see my covers. You are the people I go to if I am having a hard time making a decision on a cover, name, setting, or something else I'm writing in the book. You also get to enter in my giveaways that are only for my Street Team. I giveaway anything from my books, to antique bracelets I make, to baskets, to whatever I find that looks like a fun thing to giveaway! , Does that sound like you? If so I'd love to have you join my team. Send me an email to DebbieLynneCostello(at)